Southeast Asia – a big region of an even bigger continent – offers some of the best diving in the world.

Diving in Southeast Asia

The region (wikimedia commons)
The region (wikimedia commons)

Within it, you find the Coral Triangle with over 2000 species of reef fish alone in the Western Pacific.  On the other side of the region you’ll dive in the Eastern Indian Ocean where you can find yet other marine life. Between those oceans, this area offers the highest marine life diversity of the planet. From huge sharks to tiny critters, from sea turtles (6 out of the 7 known species can be found here!) to pygmy sea horses, there is something for everyone.

Add to that stunning white-sand beaches, lush tropical forest and the range of choice from all-night parties or private islands and it is no wonder that the region is one of the most popular dive destinations in the world.

The Southeast Asia Dive Community

Southeast Asia has a huge and active dive community, existing of locals that dive there, dive tourists that visit once or even return yearly, and instructors & divemasters from abroad that work in the region. Many of us are divepackersFor a community that has so many members, it is suprisingly tight-knitted. It is not unusual to bump into people you have met on a previous trip in a different location, or colleagues that you’ve worked with somewhere else. At diveseasia.com we bring the community together through shared stories, knowledge and experience.

turtleThe choice of destinations and dives can sometimes be overwhelming. Even though nowadays it is easy to find information anywhere online, it’s still nice to hear updates from the community itself!

At Diveseasia.com we tell stories from within the dive community about the places we go, the marine life and people we encouter, and any news from the area. It doesn’t necessarily have to relate about destinations in the region – stories about diving in general are also welcome. And of course you don’t have to be a scubadiver to join. Freedivers, snorkellers and anyone else who enjoys our oceans is welcome too!

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