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DiveSEAsia can’t exist without your contributions. We are, after all, a community site! We welcome many different kinds of community contributions, from trip reports to destination features to articles about diving in general.

It doesn’t matter if you are an experienced diver or not – you don’t have to be a dive professional to contribute either! We welcome perspectives from all kinds of divers, novices and experts alike. Of course freedivers and snorkellers are welcome to chip in too! What we value is an open and honest perspective with original writing.

To give you some inspiration, here are some of the regular categories for which we are always welcoming contributions, but if you have an idea for another awesome article, feel free to pitch us at info@diveseasia.com. Just make sure to clearly state [Article Pitch] in the subject.

  • Trip Report. Been on an inspiring trip lately? Make sure you share your experience with the community. Trip reports are supposed to be about the trip itself, not about the operator (no blatant advertising, please). Trips can range between anywhere from a daytrip to month long liveaboard. Write from a personal angle but avoid “first this, and then that, oh and that happened too” storytelling. Trip reports can also be about events, for example, a beach/reef cleanup that you participated in.
  • Featured destination. We like to shine a light on popular and lesser known dive destinations in Southeast Asia. If you are intimately familiar with a destination (because it is your regular destination, or you work/live there) we welcome your contribution! Make sure to describe what makes this place unique, why you love it (or why not) and which kind of divers would be happy there. Is it a place suitable for beginners or for experienced divers only? When is the best time to go?
  • Creature Feature. Obsessed with a particular marine creature that can be found in Southeast Asian waters? Tell us about it! No matter how obscure, we’re sure you can find other fans here.
  • Student & Instructor perspectives. We’re always looking for stories about diver training, from both the student and instructor perspective! Did you learn a life-changing lesson during your course? Or do you have tips for your future students? Share them here.

Other topics we’re particularly interested in are conservation issues (what are you doing to contribute to a better and healthier marine environment?), articles on the intersection between diving and travelling and the occasional gear review. 

If your pitch gets approved we will ask you to provide high-quality images for which you have publishing rights. That means that they’re either photos you took yourself or images of which you are sure they can be used for commercial purposes.  We’ll also ask you to write a short one-paragraph author bio with a photo so our audience knows who you are. If you wish to remain anonymous, make sure to let us know.

We reserve the right to edit submitted stories (with your permission). All pitches are subject to approval.