New Scuba Divers – Start Here!

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This section is especially for new divers. Maybe you’ve just signed up for your course, or maybe you’ve just completed a trydive somewhere. Maybe a friend has recently started diving and her enthousiasm is contagious. It happens!

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This is the place where we gather all the posts that are especially relevant for you, and where we share some of the wisdom from more experienced divers. The list will be regularly updated, so make sure you check back every once in a while or sign up to receive automatic updates in your inbox!

The most important thing to keep in mind is that we all started as beginners. Diving can seem daunting at first, all the strange equipment, the thought of breathing underwater, or the possible presence of sharks (don’t worry, they’re amazing). It is only natural that you’re at least a tiny bit apprehensive about the whole ordeal – we just hope that your curiosity wins over any fear you might have!

Did you just complete your certification course and want to share your experiences? Did it change your life? What were your lessons learned? Tell us about it!